We were indeed glad to have our Cooperators and youngsters from our school and parishes in Kuwait visit Dominic Savio Boys' Home on the 5th July 2010. Fr. M.M. Joy accompanied the group from Kuwait and Fr. Derrick Misquitta was the tour guide around Mumbai and the Salesian houses. They came around 7.00pm and were taken around to meet the boarders of the tenth standard and the others. They interacted with each other and got along very well.

The group participated in the novena mass to St. Dominic Savio and did enjoy the singing of our boys. Many of them did express their voices and said that the boys sang well and with gusto. Bravo my dear young boarders.

After the well animated mass we went to the refectory and the boarders sang a welcome song and then read an address appreciating their visit and the time they were spending with us. There was a good dinner ready for them and each and every one had a good time. They left some chocolates for the boys and a good donation for the institution.

Master Wilbur Lasrado reading out the address to the guests

Thanks for coming and visiting us. Welcome again !

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