We were pleasantly surprised at the visit of Annelyse Faustinelli our benefactress from Switzerland with her adopted son Vicky. She visited St. Dominic Savio around 06.30 pm and met Fr. Godfrey, the Rector. The boarders welcomed her with a welcome song and then the band played two pieces for her. Fr. Rector said a few words to the boarders and informed them of the years that Annelyse has spent in generously giving to Dominic Savio's through many and various friends and benefactors from Switzerland. She has been helping the institution for the last fifteen years. We do thank God for such wonderful benefactors who show us the human and compassionate face of Christ. God bless them abundantly. Annelyse promised to visit Dominic Savio's once again and we look forward to her visit with warmth and gratitude.

Fr. Godfrey introducing Annelyse to the boarders

Fr. Bosco Pereira sharing some good times with Annelyse

The boarders thanking her for her generosity and care

A moment with the boarders - wonderful memory

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