The second day of the Sports Festival began with the semi-finals and finals of Football, Bucket Basket-ball, Throw-ball, Kho-kho and the Fun games. This took us to lunch time at 12.30 pm. At 01.30 pm we began the athletic events with the 100m & 200m for the V to the X standards. Simultaneously, there were the shot-put, and long jumps taking place for the various classes.

The race by the VI & VII standards

The relay by the VI & VII standards

The staff at a point of discussion

The IX & X at their 200m race

A show of strength at the tug-of-war

The staff tug-of-war the Primary side headed by Fr. Blaise

The tug-of-war the secondary side headed by the Principal

The Rector cheering the tug-of-war participants

The Winner takes it all - The Red House over-all Champions
with their House Teacher Valeri Mascarenhas

A tie between the Yellow & Green House

Fr. Principal giving away a trophy to the Red House

A view of the staff in a relaxed mood !

Lowering of the flag at the end of the festival

As it always happens all good things come to an end. The two days of hectic activity on the field came to an end with one and all enjoying themselves and having a wonderful time. Fr. Rector said a few words on Children Day asking them to stay young and not grow old too fast and to cherish the values that they have of sensitivity, honesty, goodness, thoughtfulness, love and compassion.

Fr. Rector at the concluding speech to the students

Fr. Principal gave the vote of thanks beginning with the Almighty for the two bright and excellent days we had during the Sports Festival. He then thanked the staff and the coordinating committee and the non teaching staff for all the trouble and time they put in to make this event a success. The salesians community with all the fathers and brothers and the boarding masters were also thanked by the Principal.

All good things come to an end and when all was done and the Festival over it began to drizzle and we began to have God's showers of blessings on us.

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