Fr. Rector's Birthday Celebrations

The school celebrated the Birthday of Fr. Godfrey D’Souza, the Rector, on Friday the 6th November as Saturday was an Open Day for the school and Sunday the 8th which is the actual day was a holiday.

The catholic students had a mass at 8.00 am and the students of other faiths had a prayer service in the school AV Hall.

At the Eucharistic Celebration

The Offertory Procession

Felicitation in the Pre-Primary

Cutting of the cake - Pre-Primary

Together with the staff of the Pre-Primary

At 09.30 am the Pre-Primary had a felicitation for Fr. Rector and the cutting of the cake.

During the Felicitation by the School

In the midst of the students

The cutting of the Birthday cake

At. 12.30 pm the entire secondary section had a programme for Fr. Rector with some items, skits and dances to felicitate him on the occasion of his birthday. Fr. Crispino the Principal said a few words in appreciation of Fr. Rector during his talk.

Mrs. Dorothy at the cutting of the cake by the Primary

Some of the teachers of the Primary

At 01.30 pm the primary teachers came to wish the Rector in his school office and cut a cake and sang the birthday song. They were in a good spirit and had quite some fun with one another and with Fr. Rector. They also brought a few gifts for the Rector.
At 02.30 the NIOS catholic students had their First Friday mass. Fr. Rector was once again the main celebrant and Frs. Bosco and Crispino concelebrated. The students prayed for the Rector during the mass and the prayer service.

The NIOS students at the Felicitation programme

The NIOS students listening silently

At 04.30 the entire NIOS section had a felicitation programme for Fr. Rector. The items that were put up were indeed to a standard and their tribal dances one from Maharashtra and one from Punjab were wonderful. Once again Fr. Crispino said a few words of appreciation and thanks to Fr. Rector.

The NIOS teachers came at about 5.40 pm to wish and greet Fr. Rector.

A Fisher folk dance by the NIOS

A Punjabi dance by the NIOS

At. 07.00 pm the boarding and Evening School students with the staff had a felicitation programme. It was a day of felicitations and the high point was this last one with the basti and slum children singing and dancing. Ms Pooja from the Evening school gave the birthday speech in Hindi and she was really excellent.

The boarders during the programme in the evening

The Evening Study Class students at the programme

The boarders put up a couple of items and skits for Fr. Rector and the Boys Home Band played a few tunes to make everyone swing into the mood for the celebration.

Fr. Crispino said a few words in Hindi to the students of the ESC and the boarders in appreciation of Fr. Rector.

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