Today we celebrated the 67th Independence Day in school and it was a wonderful experience of Joy, Happiness and Patriotism by one and all. 

The entrance of the school had a variety of displays by the students who had done all the displays at their Activities classes that were held during the week. It certainly showcased the artistic skills of our young lads, who are so very gifted and talented.

It was a day to also felicitate the parents & students who secured the highest marks in various subjects and the one who topped in the school, Master Nikhil Yankalaya. We don congratulate his parents who were the Guests of Honour at this mornings function.

The boys band played two pieces, the choir boys sang beautifully and the drama and speech lads did fantastic. All these youngsters were once again trained in the Activities group that takes place on a regular basis during school hours.

Fr. Rector in his speech said that if we truly want to be patriotic, we need to not only respect our flag that represents freedom, but more importantly, we need to learn to respect and treasure one another. We Indians are made up a variety of cultures, backgrounds, religions and languages, and hence we need to befriend each other and cherish one another. If we are able to give this respect, it is only then that we are truly FREE!

Thank you my dear Supervisors, Staff, and Parents for your cooperation and help extended to the School Management and Staff.

Congratulations to all our students for the beautiful display of talents and skills.

God bless one and all!

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