The students of Class III had their Cultural Day this afternoon at 2.00 pm. Their theme for the day was: 'Courage doesn't mean you don't get afraid. Courage means, you don't let fear stop you!'

It was beautifully brought out in song and dance by the students and an apt skit to show courage among one's companions too, standing for what is right and fair.

The teachers, Rosalin and Rachel did a splendid training the youngsters for this program and the boys & girls did their part beautifully.

Fr. Rector in his talk spoke about the incident in the life of Don Bosco when youngsters who came and enjoyed the hospitality of Don Bosco and his mother, robbed him of the mattresses and sheets and disappeared. However, Don Bosco did not get discouraged.

Fr. Rector asked the parents to accompany our children in the time and during the times they are afraid and give them the courage and strength to know that you as parents are always there for them to take away their fears and anxieties.

We thank the Supervisor and all those teachers and parents who made this day a grand success.

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