This morning the Primary Section organized Grand Parents Day.

About 250 grandparents came for the program and were kept tapping their feet to the music and singing of their grandchildren.

It was indeed a beautiful sight to see grandparents ranging from 60 to perhaps 80 sitting and being entertained by their grandchildren in school.

The lads a couple of poems and verses on grandparents that truly came from their heart, expressing the blessing of having grandparents in their lives.

The four houses dressed in their colours sang some songs from the 1970s singing Blue Suede shoes; Tie a Yellow Ribbon; Red River Valley & Green Door. We thank Sir Elvis and the House Teachers for training the students to sing so beautifully.

The Winners for the group singing were:
First Place to The Blue House
Second Place to the Yellow House.
The other houses got the consolation prizes.

After the singing the children went to their classes while there were a few games organized for the grandparents. After the items some of them who were ready to climb to the second floor were invited to see the boards of their grandchildren and interact with them in class.

Grandparents sharing their experience at the school

It was indeed a beautiful idea and we do hope we have many more interactions.

Thank you Grandparents for making it to your grandchild's school program.

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