The students of the Primary Section with their head teacher and their class teachers went for a picnic to Paradise Fun Land, Bhiwandi . 

The students reported at 7am and at the beginning of the journey were served chips in the bus .At the resort were welcomed by a mascot-Doremon. As soon as they finished breakfast they could not wait to check the place and moved about the entire resort . 

Some enjoyed at the amusement park in the train ride, the boat ride while some had fun in the pool at the rain dance, the water slides. A few children had fun on the trampoline or played football with their coach After a delicious lunch the children were gathered for a magic and mimicry show while they were having a blast and being entertained, they were served popcorn and candy floss and taken to the amusement park again for rides. 

They also had a pleasure watching their teachers enjoying the rides and saw how their teachers can be kids like them too As they left the resort with sweet memories they were served Ice cream. Heartfelt thanks to my primary teachers for their selfless work and making the picnic another happening day in their students life Congratulation’s Teachers for a successful and a happy day for our boys

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