The Celebrations began on the 30 January with the Bosco Nite wherein we had some competitions, quizzes and puzzles on Don Bosco. The boys did very well and were prepared with their answers to all the quiz questions.

The feast of St. John Bosco was ushered in with rising to music as is customary on feast and special occasions. Hymns to Our Father & Founder were played as the boys dressed up in smart clothes for the Eucharistic celebration. After wash they went into the AV hall for a short reflection on the life of St. John Bosco.

The Eucharistic celebration was well animated and the DS Boys in Harmony were all dressed up for the occasion in their Red Robes singing very well for the mass.

The final hymn was composed with lyrics by Haydn Dias and it was beautifully rendered by the DS Boys in Harmony.

The readings were done by the day scholars and the main celebrant for the feast of Fr. Crispino D'Souza the Principal of the school.

Snacks were provided to all who came for the Eucharistic celebration and then a Lightening Tournament was organized for the boarders.

At 12.00 noon it was bath time and to get ready for a lovely meal. After meals there was the Housie and a movie that was a thriller for the boys.

Games once again with some of the past pupils joining for the games. At 6.00 pm the boys once again met in the AV Hall. At 8.00 pm they came down to the grounds for a sumptuous meal that went on till 10.00 pm. We began the dinner with a hymn to Don Bosco and then it was all Bollywood music to keep the boys entertained.

We do thank all our benefactors and friends for always being there for our youngsters.

May St. John Bosco bless you and your loved ones abundantly.

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