Today we had the second day of our Sports Festival. We began with some more fun games in the morning like square-ball, throw-ball, net-ball and some others played football and cricket.

In the afternoon after the lunch break we had the track and field events with the 100 mts; 200 mts and the relay races.

With the close of that we then had the much looked out for event, the tug-of-war between the houses of the Seniors, Juniors and the Inters.

The staff item was a novel one indeed with a pepsi to quench their parched throats and lips and find the tokens on the ground.

The last and important item was the prize distribution for all the event.

The GREEN HOUSE were the OVER ALL Champions.

Fr. Crispino made it a point to thank the core team who organized the event, Mr. Dayanand, Mr. Sharma and Mr. Alex.

He also thanked the Teaching and non-teaching staff for their dedication on the field during the games and events.

All good things come to an end and so did this years Sports Festival.

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