On the 6th November the students of St. Dominic Savio celebrated Childrens Day a bit earlier as the students will be on home leave on the 14th November.

There was a delay in beginning the event as there was some technical problem with the electricity and the sound system. By the time we started it was 08.45 and then the teachers took the band of youngsters on a fantastic trip of fantasy and Bollywood, Hollywood and the likes.

Each section of the staff had a beautiful item for the students and the surprise of the lot was the item prepared by the parents. The mothers of the students put up a feet-tapping dance to Bollywood music and that got the children swaying to the beat and singing out loud.

One could see the faces of the boys delighted with the show and in no uncertain terms they kept saying the show must go on!

After the program by the staff, there was a stunt show by a troupe that had about six members who performed some rather difficult stunts and had our boys with their mouths wide open in wonder and admiration.

It was already hot and the sun beat down mercilessly on all who were present. It was tiring but for youngsters there was more to enjoy. Unfortunately the snack for the kids did not come on time and some of them especially the primary lads had to leave without have a full snack.

We do apologize to the parents who had to wait a long time to pick up the kids.

It is always wonderful to celebrate CHILDREN'S DAY
Thank you for being kids!

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