Last evening, 13th August 2012, the boarders had their Marian Nite organized by Br. Michael and Sir Hayden together with a number of boarding volunteers. It was an exciting Nite with Marian games, puzzles, spy coded messages, Marian mathematical problems that the boys had either to solve or decode and get the right answer.

It was a night full of fun and excitement for one and all each trying to out-beat the other by rushing in to submit their answers.

Br. Michael and Sir Haydn did indeed plan and execute the Nite very well. Some refreshments were also given to the boys and one could see the smiles on their faces.

Fr. Bennette Aranjo who was visiting from the UK, a Salesian who also worked in East Africa for a number of years said a few words at the beginning of the Nite encouraging the boys to higher values in life.

At the end of the program, there were special prizes for many of the boys for doing well in a number of activities or disciplines. 

We congratulate one and all who were winners and those who were knighted 'KNIGHTS' of our Lady, the winning team:Don Bosco. 

We thank in a special way Br. Michael, Sir Haydn and the boys who helped make this Marian Nite a grand success.

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