Happy Independence Day!

This morning the school had its Independence day celebrations to honour those who fought for our freedom. 

We also had all those X standard students of last year who scored 80% and above to felicitate them and wish them well. Master Akash Rai who secured the highest in the school, 93.68% was given a certificate of honour and his parents were the guests of honour. Mrs. Rai gave a beautiful speech and thanked the school for having instilled in her children quality education and for making them men of character. She thanked the Salesian community, the staff of the pre-primary, primary and the secondary for their dedication and commitment in education.

The students put up a couple of items that instilled in us patriotic sentiments and gratitude for our independence.

Fr. Rector in his speech said that though we have won our freedom 65 years ago, one needs to ask if we are truly free? or are we slaves of our own passions, ideas, religions, class, caste. To be free means that we go beyond boundaries, we accept all as brothers and sisters. If we cannot accept one another and have an element of reservation, we are not free, we are slaves of our own making.
Mrs. Rai sharing her thoughts with us

Each of those rank holders received a certificate from the guests of honour, Mr. Rai.

It was indeed a proud moment for these lads who tirelessly worked to achieve and do well.

All the best for the future!

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