It was indeed a beautiful day to begin with, bright sunshine to bring out the beauty of the day and a lovely program presented by the students giving us a glimpse of ‘India Shining through its struggles and problems.’

The speech in Hindi by Parthe Surve our School Captain was indeed excellent and beautifully rendered without a flaw. The cultural dance by our youngsters was inspiring and very colourful making us realize that we are so richly endowed with culture.

A clipping of Master Partha Surve speech for Independence Day
Master Partha Surve is the School Captain

Fr. Rector spoke about the Pledge that is recited every morning, ‘India is my Country’ and asked that it not just be a routine and habit without knowing and understanding its meaning and significance.

He spoke of the variety of people, languages, cultures that we are and yet at the same time each unique in one’s own way. He gave us the example of threads of different colours and mentioned that each of us is like a strand of thread, we have our individuality. He then showed a carpet and asked the students if they like what they saw and all said yes, it was very beautiful. He then drew out a lesson from the carpet and said that the carpet was made up of different colours of thread woven together, and in doing so we have this beautiful work of tapestry. As Indians we have a rich variety and beauty and we need to look at the bigger picture to enjoy the tapestry. Our beauty comes out in our ‘Unity in Diversity.’
Fr. Crispino D'Souza the Principal giving away the Certificate of 
merit to Master Luv Shinde who secured 96% in the SSLC Examinations

The parents of our ex-student Master Luv Shinde our SSLC topper with 96% in the last examinations were the Guest of Honour and a certificate of Honour was presented to Master Luv Sinde and a certificate of Merit to all those who secured 80% and above. The merit holders had come with their parents/guardians to be felicitated. Mrs. Shinde and Master Luv gave a short but apt speech telling the present bath that what matters to achieve success is effort, determination and consistency.

May this 64 Independence Day that we celebrate be an inspiration to us to be able to love our country and motherland and work harder to eradicate corruption, hatred, division and other evils that exist in our society and country.

After the school program, there was tea for all the guests after which the teachers were invited to see a movie entitled, ‘Front of the Class’ a movie to understand students and their difficulties. The teachers enjoyed the said that it touched them.
Jai Hind!

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