The students getting ready for the pilgrimage

The students of St. Dominic Savio Andheri were waiting for this moment, to get a chance to visit and be with Don Bosco. The students assembled early in the morning and were ready to have an early start to meet this great saint of the young. The students of the eighth to the tenth of the school and the boarders went for this pilgrimage.
The Principal giving the final instructions

It was a dream come true, having Don Bosco in our midst, and the young with Don Bosco. This is what happened this morning at Don Bosco Matunga. All the youngsters from Don Bosco Institutions and the Salesian Sister Institutions were invited to be with Don Bosco and pay respect to his relic. Every Don Bosco Institution was represented from Andheri to Wadala to Nerul and even the ITI & HMTC of DB Kurla came in large numbers.
At the Eucharistic celebration

Fr. Rector reading out the gospel

Our students attending the service

As the schools flowed in, they first went into the church to see the relic of Don Bosco and pay respect to him and then they went around looking at the Salesian Exhibition around the area.

The school quadrangle was filled to capacity with school children. When it was time for the Eucharistic celebration, there was a procession with the casket of Don Bosco, the little angles and the concelebrants and the celebrant, There were about thirty priests present to bid adieu to Don Bosco who touched the lives of so many faithful and youngsters even today. It was indeed a fitting farewell to a great Friend of the Youth.
Dressed in Indian attire

Fr. Michael Fernandes the provincial touched on some of the defects of Don Bosco and said that he did have some things that were not right and Don Bosco had to work hard to correct himself. He was willing to go through any amount of change for the sake of his mission and for the love of his boys.
Fr. Provincial delivering the homily

The Mumbai Police band had a number of pieces to keep the mood and they even played a couple of hymns of Don Bosco. We thank them for being there with us to honour Don Bosco.
A photograph of all the celebrants & sisters

Fr. Michael Fernandes handed the relic of Don Bosco to Fr. Joaquim Fernandes who is from the Konkan Province and would be accompanying the relic to the Province of the Konkan from Mumbai. It was a sad farewell to Don Bosco by the multitudes that were present each one trying to get a last glimpse of this wonderful friendly saint.
Bidding adieu to Don Bosco

It was worth the time and the energy, going all the way to Don Bosco Matunga to say hello to Don Bosco and to ask for his blessings on each one of us and for all our loved ones.

May Saint John Bosco always bless us and all our benefactors and youngsters in our care.

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