The entire staff of St. Dominic Savio’s Andheri was present this morning for a whole day’s program on the ‘Don Bosco Way’. For our resource person we had Dr. Fr. Peter Gonsalves sdb who has compiled a book entitled DB Way, highlighting the Educational Method of St. John Bosco, The Preventive System! Fr. Crispino the Principal introduced Dr. Gonsalves to the entire staff before the sessions began.

Dr. Fr. Peter Gonsalves is presently in the province of his origin going around the schools of the province enlightening the teachers on the system of Don Bosco. It was indeed a beautiful day with very interactive sessions and discussions on the methods that were present since ancient times, the Repressive system. He said that this method is still used in many places.

Dr. Peter Gonsalves spoke about the System of Don Bosco which is a combination of the Preventive and the Expressive systems. Don Bosco had a blend of these systems getting the young to live life fully and be able to express themselves without any fear, force or intimidation.

The discussions of the teachers were very lively and full of examples of how at times the repressive system has been used at various times in their own lives. How the preventive system is a much better and needed method for today’s society.

They did also express their difficulties in using these methods of prevention and expressions in big classrooms of 60 and over students. However all were in agreement that the best method would be the combination of the Preventive and the Expressive methods.
Dr. Gonsalves used a number of clippings from the movie ‘Taare zameen par’ and ‘Stanley ka dabba’ drawing lessons from some teachers who used the preventive system of education.

Ms. Arlene at the end of the day gave the vote of thanks in appreciation for the time and lessons taught to us during the entire day.

All that is now left is for us as educators to put into practice this beautiful Educational Method of St. John Bosco, called the Preventive System.

May we allow the children to be able to Express themselves and live life fully.

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