Comp1:  The first streaks of light at dawn,
                Brings a ray of hope that flushes away despair
                Yes the first rays of sunlight
                That pour in through the window
                Herald a host of opportunities
                Longing to be embraced by us
Comp2: So let’s enter the new academic year with a new heart, a new mind and a new vision 
               Full of energy and vigor.
Comp1: Yes indeed! As our spirits are lifted high by the freshness of this bright morning .I
              Request this august assembly to join me in welcoming the dignitaries for the day.
(The band begins to play while the scouts will escort the dignitaries to their seats.)

Comp2:  Basking in the morning light,
                The flowers open up a new day.
                For yesterday is only a vision!
                But today well-lived, makes
                Every yesterday a dream of happiness,
               And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Comp1: Greetings and good morning, Rev.Fr. Rector, Rev. Fr. Principal,, Rev. Fr Edwin, Rev.Fr. Barnabe, dear Bro.Roshan, supervisor Ms. Vidya, teachers, and you my dear Savions.
Comp2: A warm welcome to the inaugural ceremony of the house system for the academic year 2011-2012.
Comp1: Coming together is beginning; keeping together is progress and working together is success.
Comp2: In the beginning of this scholastic year, we are all zealous to be successful in all our endeavors. This is possible when we surrender ourselves totally to the Lord to inspire and motivate us.

Comp1: I now request Rev.Fr. Principal, Fr. Crispino D’souza to lead us in prayer.
(School prayer by Rev. Fr. Principal )
(Vande Mataram.)
School Captain: Kindly stretch your right hand in front for the pledge.
Student: Kindly stand at attention for the national anthem.
(National anthem) (School anthem)

Comp1: The house is the body that channelizes and directs the energies of our boys in the classroom, with regard to discipline in the school and school life with all its complex activities.
Comp2:  The main objective of the house system is to foster in the student a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity and at the same time to en-kindle and develop social qualities.
Comp1: It aims :
·         To conduct the affairs of the houses on the principles of a well run family with the house mistress as the head.
·         To assist in the maintenance of discipline, developing leadership and sound competitive spirit.
·         To develop in the pupils civic sense and loyalty.
·         And to develop a spirit of love and sacrifice.
Comp1: The foundation of our very institution has been laid on the principles and philosophy of St. John Bosco who dared to dream and achieved his mission of molding the lives of thousands of young minds.
Comp2: In the words of St. John Bosco “It is not enough to have a love for the young, the young have to know they are loved”, yes! John Bosco strove ardently to tailor and fashion young minds towards a life of serenity and sanctity.
Comp1: His preventive system was based on reason, religion and loving kindness, Don Bosco studied the new development springing up and adopted them to his own style and vowed to look after the myriad of young children on the streets of Turin.
Comp2: His legacy is lived today by multitude of Salesians all across the world, from a rivulet to a massive river flowing with all its splendor and majesty growing in leaps and bounds.   
Comp1: Yes! And so its befitting to dedicate this scholastic year in honor of our father and founder St. John Bosco. Keeping this very theme in our mind each house will look up for guidance from the partisans (disciples) of our dear Don Bosco who by their exemplary lives lived like an incense ,spreading the fragrance of joy and happiness in the lives of many.
Comp2: We shall now have the School Captain and Vice-Captain along with Senior and Junior House Prefects and Vice- Prefects of the four Houses escorting their respective House Teachers to the centre stage for the actual investiture.

(The School Captain marches forward along with his team of leaders to dais for the investiture ceremony)

Comp1: Leading the entire team  is our School Captain Mast. Partha Surve. Smart, dynamic and a sociable persona. He has a vision to positively lead the school.
Comp2: Following close behind him is our vice captain Mast. Muttu Jayaraman  an effervescent and a pulsating personality.
Comp1: Just a few paces behind is Mast. Sonu Shahuji and Mast. Roshan Varghese our newly elected Junior Captain and Vice-Captain.

Comp2: Please put your hands together as you witness the colours of our school.
Comp1: The Rua House led by the Prefects  Mast.Shantanu Naik and  Mast. Doyle Mendonca of the Senior and Junior section.

Comp 2: With the Red House flag held high we have Mast.Reshan Dutta  and Mast.Vishal Pandey Vice-prefects of the Senior and Junior Section accompanying their house teachers Mrs. Mona Dias for the Senior Section and Mrs. Swati Futardo for the Junior Section.

 Comp1: Leading the Zatti House brigade Mast.Mayank Vyas and Mast.Brendon Mathew Prefects of the Senior and Junior Section.       

Comp2: Standing tall as they march with the Blue house flag Mast.Ariz Dutta  and Mast. Sheldon Coutinho Vice-Prefects of the Senior and Junior Section, escorting their house teachers Mrs. Sushila Machado for the Senior and Ms.Erica James for the Juniors.       

Comp1: Close at their heels we have the Prefects of the Magone HouseThe Magone House Mast. Austin D’Souza and  Mast. Kartik Shetty of the Senior and  Junior Section.
 Comp2: Holding aloft the Green House flag Mast. Madhavan Srinivas and Mast. Allister Buthello leading their  house teachers  Mrs.Valerie Mascarenhas for Senior Section and Mrs. Renilda  Fernandes for the Juniors to the center stage.                   

Comp1: The Rinaldi House  with their head held high Mast. Siddhesh Ghosalkar Prefect of the Senior Section and Mast. Clayton D’Souza Prefect of the Junior section.
Comp 2: Holding the Yellow House flag with all its might we have Mast. Dwayne Patel  and Mast. Clayton Vice-Prefects of the Senior and Junior Sections escorting their house teachers Mr. Yogesh Sharma for Seniors  and Ms. Kaninka James for the Juniors.                   

Comp 1: As we try to reach new heights in various activities our teachers motivate us guide us drawing out the best within us.
Comp 2: The leaders of each house will now formally introduce their Houses and their House teachers.
Comp 1 : The Red House…..
Captain:-  Bearing the name ‘Rua’ the Red house is honored to look upon Blessed Michael Rua as its house patron. ‘The Living Rule’ as he was nicknamed illustrates his severe loyalty. Drawing inspiration from his goodness and fatherliness we take ‘Obedience & Respect” as our motto.
Vice Captain:-Blessed Michael Rua the last of the nine children was the first successor of St. John Bosco. Don Bosco once told him “we two will go halves in everything”. His own plan of life and action was drawn through fidelity to the founder. It is said that “he made the spring a stream and a stream a river.” With the able guidance of our House teachers Mrs. Mona Dias for the Senior Section and Mrs. Swati Futardo for the Junior Section we pledge to live to our motto.

Comp 2: The Blue House…..
Captain:-“Go break to the hungry sweet charity’s bread .For living is giving, the angel said. But   how long must I go on giving? Till the Savior stops giving to you.” These few  Lines clearly demonstrates the philosophy, the ideals which have made blessed Artemide  Zatti a living legend.   We the Blue House take Blessed Artemide Zatti as our role model. The ‘Zatti’ house believes in ‘sacrifice and service to all.’
Vice captain:- Experiencing difficulties and hardships at an early age Zatti earned his living starting a as a labourer at the age of nine. As a Salesian priest at the age of 23 he had already entrusted himself to the service of the suffering. A model of loving kindness, he began his day by visiting the hospital wards and attending to the people afflicted by tuberculosis, leprosy and various diseases. though he wore suffering as a garment he radiated smiles to many. We vow to strive hard with Mrs. Sushila Machado as our House teacher for the Secondary Section and Ms.Erica James as our House Teacher for the Junior Section.

Comp 1: The Green House…..
Captain:- The green house believes in standing tall against all odds. Our motto ‘Self Belief and Reason’. Taking Little Michael Magone as our patron, the Magone house believes in igniting hope and the power of reason and expression in the youth. Our clear conscience can ease our worries and keeps the devil in our mind at bay believed Magone. Michael added to his lively faith an exemplary concern and an edifying attitude for all practices of piety.
Vice Captain:-Magone an ardent imitator of St Dominic Savio. The life of Dominic Savio exemplified innate virtues cultivated to a point of heroism throughout his life. In Magone’s life we have a lad abandoned to himself was in the danger of treading the sad road of evil but fortunately the Lord invited Magone to follow Him. He stood tall to Dominic Savio’s motto “ Death Rather Than Sin”. Under the Dynamic and loving care of our House teachers Mrs.Valerie Mascarenhas for the Secondary Section and Mrs. Renilda Fernandes for the Junior Section the Magone House shall aim to reach the pinnacle of success.
Comp 2: The Yellow House….
Captain:-“Every great moment of God can be traced to a kneeling figure.” we the yellow house take pride in following the ethics of blessed Philip Rinaldi, a master of salesian ways and spirituality. Our motto ‘Serenity in Prayer’ is derived from the actions of our patron. The Rinaldi house believe that ‘ nothing can be achieved unless and until we bow low in humility and reverence to the Almighty.’
Vice Captain:-Don Francesia once wrote “Don Rinaldi was only missing the voice of Don Bosco, he had everything else” Absolute confidence in God and unlimited trust in Mary Help of  Christians inspired him to sanctified work With the blessings and guidance of our House Teachers Mr. Yogesh Sharma for the Secondary Section and Ms. Kaninka James for the Junior Section we shall aspire to reach our target every day.

Part IV
Comp 1: Light a candle in your soul.
                 Carry it into the dark.
                 If you find a flame that’s lasting its glow.
                 Light it with a spark.
Comp 2: The flame only grows brighter when it gives light, and a billion burning candles can  Drive away the night.
Comp 1:  Fire is the symbol of the Holy Spirit that leads us, inspires us and graces us with  Wisdom and knowledge.
Comp 2:  The solemn torch will now be lit as a sign of dispelling the powers of darkness, opening the doors of knowledge and inviting the Holy Spirit, the everlasting light into Our lives.
Comp 1: I now request Rev.Fr. Rector to do us the honours.
(Lighting of the solemn torch)

(As the solemn torch is lit, ‘Asatoma’ Hymn from the Upanishads will be recited.)
Comp 2: Thank you Fr. After the lighting of the solemn torch the atmosphere has indeed  become serene.
Part V
Comp 1: “The best thing you can do to get followers to mirror your action is by being what you Wish them to be.” Said Lee Ducat – founder of the juvenile diabetes association.
Comp 2:  Yes indeed. This quote is quite apt for a leaders personality, since it goes without Saying that a leader is the one, who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
Comp 1:   Our vibrant and confident leaders will now take the Oath Followed by the investiture Ceremony.
(Oath and investiture ceremony)

  Comp 2: Requesting the school captain and vice – captain both seniors and juniors to march Forward for the swearing in ceremony before Rev.Fr. Godfrey D’Souza the Rector of Our institution.
(School Captain/Vice Captain – J/S will Pledge Before Rev.Fr. Rector)

On our Honour, I mast._____________ elected as _____________ Promise to do our duty to God and Country and to uphold the Discipline of our school in true school Spirit.
  Comp 1: I now request Rev. Fr. Rector to hand over the offices to the School Captains and Vice Captains of the Senior and Junior sections.

  Comp 2:  The various house Prefects will now solemnly pledge their duties before the Principal Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza.
(House Prefects/Vice Prefects– J/S will now Pledge Before Rev.Fr. Principal)

On our Honour, I mast._____________ elected as _____________ Promise to do our duty to God and Country and to uphold the Discipline of our school in true house Spirit.
Comp 1:    It is my honour to invite Rev. Fr. Principal Fr. Crispino D’Souza to hand over the charges to the various house prefects.
Comp 2:    As a constant reminder of their responsibilities Rev .Fr. Administrator Fr. Edwin Colaco will Induct the 1st monitors of various classes with their duties after the solemn oath taking.
(Monitors of class V to X will now pledge before Rev Fr. Adminstrator)


On our Honour, I mast._____________ elected as _____________ Promise to do our duty to God and Country and to uphold the Discipline of our school in true class Spirit.

Part VI
Comp 1:  We now have our leaders and captains to guide us. But without God’s Guidance they can do nothing. As the Bible Says – “If God doesn’t build the house, in vain to the builder labour.” Let us therefore ask God to bless us and help us.

Senior Captain: Oh God of goodness, give all of us a share of your goodness so that we may Discharge our duties in a spirit of Justice and compassion for others. As we submit ourselves to you tailor us and make all of us a beautiful garment pleasing in your sight.
Vice Captain:  O god of wisdom Grant us your wisdom to help us study all that we need to learn. May our efforts acquire knowledge, bring us closer to you.
Junior Captain:  In our games and competition Oh! God May we always be real Sportsmen. Never proud in victory and never discouraged in defeat.
Vice Captain:  Give us Oh! Lord the true spirit of discipline and fellowship so that though we Strive indivisually we will constantly contribute towards the Common Goal.
Red House Prefect: Dear Lord, assist us to meet every challenge with courage and determination that we may never In to evil, Never give up what is good and never despair.
Blue House Prefect: Open our mind to the Truth Lord, Wipe out all our Prejudices. Let us not mistake fiction for facts and fanciful theories of Science. Give us  the power to reason and discern.
Green House Prefect: Oh Lord help us to be good students. Help us to spread joy and happiness all around us especially among our companions here in school. Give us the gift of loving kindness. Guide us that we may be diligent and conscientious in our studies.
Yellow House Prefect: Dear lord Guard us and shield us with the gift of purity and Gentleness, Help us to be true to our conscience, Give us the Grace Of generosity and piety and help us to pledge to you just as Dominic Savio did ’Death rather than sin. ‘

Part VII
Comp 1: After witnessing this grandeur I now request Rev. Fr. Rector to officially inaugurate The house system Open for the year 2011-12.

(Address by Rev Fr Rector)

Comp 2: Thank you Fr. as we conclude let us take the spirit of Don Bosco in our souls and make it a guiding light which will shine and radiate through us and around us.Not  only in our school, classrooms but in our neighbourhood, our families and in our Surroundings.
Comp 1: Kindly sit in silence as the dignitaries leave the hall. 
The School Captains and Vice Captains of the Seniors and Juniors

The Red House Leaders under the Patronage of Bl. Michael Rua

The Blue House Leaders under the patronage of Bl. Artemide Zatti

The Green House Leaders under the patronage of Michael Magone

The Yellow House Leaders under the patronage of Bl. Philip Rinaldi

The House Prefects & Monitors of the classes

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