Good morning Rev. Fr. Godfrey D’souza Our Rector, Rev. Fr. Crispino  D’souza, Our Principal .
Rev. Fr. Edwin Colaco, Our Administrator   ,Rev Fr. Barnabe  D’souza, Supervisor, Teachers and  you my dear friends.

We have gathered here at the beginning of this academic year to ask God’s blessing for all of us. It is pure joy to start a new academic year with new dreams, new opportunities and new possibilities. It is a sign of fresh promises and hope. God has always a plan for each one of us and on this day HE invites us to put our hand in HIS and with HIM we will meet the challenges ahead and bloom together as one loving family.
 A special hello and a warm welcome to the students of Std. 1, who have joined our primary section, let us support and work together as friends to build a loving and caring spirit in our school.

So dear friends! On this beautiful Monday morning, we welcome you all to the new beginning of our future! As we listen to the message presented to us by each alphabet of the word ‘WELCOME

‘W’ stands for WISDOM to learn something new every day and develop the dreams inside us.
‘E’ stands for EACH new hour that holds new chances for new beginnings.
‘L’ stands for LOVE which will dispel all our fears.
‘C’ stands for COMMUNITY which we can strengthen with hope and love.
‘O’ stands for OPPORTUNITIES to turn mirrors into windows.
‘M’ stands for MISSION which lies ahead for us to place new steps of change.
‘E’ stands for EVERY individual who is unique and dear.
Wasn’t that a   beautiful message  given to us at the start of this academic year?

Our teachers always say Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

  We  will  now listen to a little story presented by the  students of Std. IV.
Narrator: One fine beautiful morning, a chirpy sparrow flew out of his cozy nest and sat  near the apple tree. As he surveyed the world around him, his eyes fell on a small snail. The little snail unaware of anyone watching him, was painstakingly trying to climb the tree. The sparrow flapped his wings to catch the snail’s attention but in vain. Then in a sarcastic tone he said.  
            Sparrow: “Don’t you know, friend that it is not the season for apples?”
            Narrator: The snail replied.
            Snail: “True, my dear friend, but it will be, by the time I get there.”
            Narrator: And the little snail continued his effort in climbing the tree.

Indeed a great message the snail gives us at the very beginning of this year. Success comes only with determination and as a result of sincere effort. If we want to climb the apple tree, we have to begin right away. We need to prepare ourselves beginning today in order to reach the top.


Thank You dear friends.

Once you choose hope, anything is possible.

Together, with confidence and hope, we can always achieve greater heights and fulfill our aspirations as we all sing along with Rev Fr. Edwin, AN Action Song.

The purpose of learning is growth, and our minds, unlike our bodies, can continue growing as we continue to live. and on this note we welcome our Dear Reverend Fr. Rector to share some thoughts  and also to introduce Rev. Fr. Barnabi. D’Souza.

Fr. Rector said a few words to the students and told them that the message by the snail was good for them, 'Success comes with Determination.' To work hard and listen to all the teachers and follow their instructions and they would bear fruit at the end of the year.

Fr. Rector then introduced Fr. Barnabe to the students and welcomed him to the community and the school. He then asked Fr. Barnabe to say a few words to the students.

Fr. Barnabe told them that they were all like rough diamonds that needed to be polished and that the teachers would do the polishing and sparkling and they had to become these precious diamond.

Tell me and I'll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I'll understand. who could do this better, than our dearest.  Rev. Fr. Principal:  Fr. Crispino D’souza .

Fr. Crispino also came to the stage and told the boys to follow the words given by Fr. Rector and Fr. Barnabe and to do well in their work.

So as we wind up today’s assembly we thank each one and hope to have inspired everyone.

The students ended the assembly by singing the school anthem

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