The Second Day of the Christmas Panorama began on a serious note with a Christmas Play and the Christmas message by Fr. Rector.
The Christmas Play

The play had a beautiful message of gifts that last forever and that each one of us should have, Love, Peace, Joy, Caring and Sharing with each other. These are things that last forever ever rather than just gifts that do not.

Fr. Rector spoke on being generous and outgoing and thinking of the other rather than oneself. He wished one and all A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year.
Fr. Rector giving the Christmas message

Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal and Fr. Administrator moving to the stage

Fr. Rector, Fr. Principal and Fr. Edwin the Administrator went to the stage to conduct the Raffle and give away the prizes to the students.
Picking out the lucky winners

Once again we had a variety of fancy dress competitors who participated in the second day of the fancy dress competition and it was lovely to see them dressed for the occasion.
Any guesses????

This is easier to guess

Hello Mr. Turtle
Isn't this a vulture?

The high point of the day's program was the Savio King Contest. There were 29 participants from the X standard that participated in this Savio King Contest. Each and every one of them did well and were appreciated for their outfits and their clarity in answering the questions by the judges.

Some of the participants of the Savio King

The other set of participants

A full view of all the participants

A view from the top

Between the Savio King competition there were other competitions on such as the Dance competition.

Dance competition

Some of the merry makers

The Second round of the Savio King

The Runner's Up of the Savio King

Master Maryknoll D'Souza the winner as Savio King

A word of thanks to Mr. Frazer for being there for us during this celebration

All good things come to an end and so did the Christmas Panorama of St. Dominic Savio's Andheri for the year 2010.

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