The Recreation Hall decked up

On Friday 17th December the Boarders had their Christmas Tree Party in the Recreation Hall of the boarding. It certainly seemed an exciting evening with all the boarders preparing some items for the evening. Each group came in singing a carol before they took their place at their tables. Bro. Roshan was the MC for the evening and had lots of games, puzzles, and the like waiting for them to get their spirits high. 

Before the celebrations began Fr. Rector was called to say a few words and declare the evening open. He reminded the boarders that this is a season of sharing and caring and that we should reach out to one another.

Fr. Bosco Pereira

Fr. Edwin Colaco

Fr. Godfrey D'Sa

Bro. Roshan Gonsalves

Sir Haydn Dias

The Salesian Fathers

With that he declared the Evening Open. All the Salesians were present with the boys and we were happy to have Sir Haydn with us celebrating with the boys. A sumptuous dinner was served for all in the hall and at the end the Christmas gifts were given away to the boarders who were delighted and were beaming from ear to ear. After the dinner there was a jam session that they thoroughly enjoyed.
Keep the balloon in the air

A group item

A sumptuous dinner

An exciting game by the boarders

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