Yesterday the 6th July, we celebrated St. Dominic Savio's Feast. In the evening at 6.45 we had the special installation ceremony of the Leaders of the Boarding in a very short but beautiful ceremony.

The ceremony was organized by Bro. Michael, Bro. Daniel and Sir Haydn. This year we are trying out the Dominic Savio Boys Parliament working on the model of Fr. Flanagan's Boys Town that he started way back in the early 90' We hope to build leaders who will be able to make decisions and plan for themselves in all the events of the boarding.

After the ceremony, the boys went for a well deserve buffet meal and had to their heart's content. There was a smile on every one's face. After the dinner the boys had a movie that kept them on the edge of their seat till they went to bed and said 'sweet dreams.'

Thanks to all our dear benefactors who made this day special for all of us.
God bless you!

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