This morning, Monday the 17th June in spite of the heavy rains all night, students came to school, which had a very different setting from its original. Work was on during the holidays to beautify the lobby and the ground floor restrooms giving the entire place a very swanky look. First day of school and they were settling into their classes and there certainly was surprise on some of their faces to know their class teachers.

School closed early today and at 10.15 we had a staff meeting. Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, the Rector, led with a prayer and then gave the staff a short message. He wished them well for the new scholastic year, and asked the staff to make learning a Fun thing for the kids and that the kids enjoy learning and since they enjoy they would want more of something they enjoy.

He also asked them to be Creative and Innovative bringing out this creativity and innovation from the child using the Pedagogy of Kindness taught to us by Don Bosco.

Fr. Rector, introduced and welcomed a new member to the Salesian community and to the Institution in the person of Brother Daniel D'Souza. He told them that Bro. Daniel would be doing his post graduate studies and would be a member of the community and would help our in the boarding as an assistant.

The Principal then addressed the floor and welcomed all the new staff and had a run through the program of studies, activities, and some of the discipline and behaviour policies of the school asking the teachers to adhere to them and to be careful in the use of corporal punishments as that is not permitted at all and is a criminal offence.

The Principal asked for any clarifications and with that they meeting ended.



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