The boarders had their Christmas party on Wednesday 19th December 2012. The celebration began at 7.30 pm with a short prayer service. Br. Michael organized the program very well with a number of Christmas puzzles and games to entertain the boys. 

The DS Boys in Harmony sang a number of Christmas Carols to bring in the Christmas spirit. Sir Haydn did a fantastic job training the lads to sing in harmony.

The dinner was sumptuous and the boys did justice to all the items that were laid out. We are grateful to the benefactors who reached out in more than one way to make this celebration excellent for the boys.

The DS Rockers also had a couple of hits to entertain us with their rhythm tapping songs. While we were focusing on the birth of Christ we also felt it important to celebrate and wish Br. Michael whose birthday also falls on Christmas Day. Leon read out an address that beautifully spelt out the qualities of Br. Michael. 
Sir Haydn had a song composed for Br. Michael and the DS Boys in Harmony sang it for Br. It was indeed very touching and befitting Br. Michael.

I would like to thank all those who made this evening a memorable one for the boarders by sponsoring the dinner, the gifts, their time and energy. May God bless you and your families.

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