This morning the X B had their Assembly and they took as their theme for the assembly, Youth Patriotism-Values-Drugs. 

The script covered young Indian men who fought for the freedom struggle, such as: Chandrasekhar Azad, Shivram Guru and Bhagat Singh. 

They also used a number of clippings to speak about corruption that going on in high circles and innocent lives are lost and no proper investigation made.

Fr. Rector in his speech congratulated the class for having placed before something to think about. He said, 'A hero is a person who gives or has given his life for something greater then himself.'
He also quoted scripture saying that 'those who live by the sword die by the sword'.

He gave examples of young people who risked their lives for another in the city of Mumbai and at the same time he read out from the papers how some youngsters have no value for life, either their own or that of another.

As Youngsters we need to respect and care for life, our own as well as that of other.

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