Wednesday, 31st October 2012 was the first day, of a 5 day review to be conducted in St. Dominic Savio High School according to the Adhyayan Quality Standards . The comprehensive report presented finally by Adhyayan along with the Quality Standard Award gives the school community along with its stakeholders a clear view of their existing performance and the direction to move forward.

Adhyayan team has 85+ years of combined expertise in the schooling domain, to understand and experience ‘definition of a good school’ all in action. The diagnostic designed by the founders is rooted in years of experience of conducting over 1,000 school audits globally. The diagnostic will also guide our school in undertaking it’s own structured review alongside the review conducted by the Adhyayan so that we can evaluate our current effectiveness against national best practices and review our results along with the other Don Bosco institutions in Mumbai that are networking.

In-keeping with the self-review concept the first day was marked by training of a self-review team of the school that consisted of the Rector, Principal, Supervisors, teaching and non-teaching representatives, as well as parent and student representatives. 

The Adhyayan team was warm and encouraging and the training was intense, interactive and enlightening with emphasis given to 6 Key Performance areas and the techniques used in diagnosis. Techniques were reaffirmed by snippet practice sessions for the self-review team that was then discussed and grounded.

The day was highly productive leaving the team with an eagerness to move through the assessment under the experienced eye of the Adhyayan.

by Miss Valerie Mascarenhas

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