This morning, Saturday, 27th October 2012 the PTA representatives of the Secondary and Primary sections had their mid-term meeting to look at the happenings of the last couple of months in the first term and to see the programs and activities that lay ahead in the coming months.

There were some good suggestions that came up from the parents of both sections for better facilitating of the students in their academics as well as in their overall performance.

The Principal, Fr. Crispino mentioned that the activities coming up in the near future are as follows:

1. 03 November Sports Festival for the Primary
2. 06 November Childrens Day Celebrations
3. 08 November Sports Festival Secondary
4. 09 November Sports Festival Secondary
5. 10 November Secondary Section School Picnic

6. 15-16 December Christmas Panorama
7. 20 December Students & Staff Christmas Tree Party

8. 26-27 January School Annual Day

I would like to thank all the PTA representatives who have been very actively involved in the PTA and for the wonderful collaboration we have received in this first semester from all you parents. We look forward to the new term with greater enthusiasm and collaboration.

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