This morning Wednesday 22 August 2012, the IX A students took us through the life of Vikram, a young lad who lost out on his childhood as he had to work to support his family. He also missed out on school as he did not have to time to go to school, working to have a square meal a day.

The Compere informed us that India is a country of contrasts! While it has 53 billionaires, it also has an estimated 17 million child labourers. The country is home to some of the tip 10 rich in the world, but it also homes almost 3 million children living on the streets.

The IX standard students made us aware of the situation of the marginalized and poor child and gave us sufficient food for thought, not just to think but to do something about the situation and work towards making the life or a single child worthwhile.

Those of us who go to school and are taken care of by our parents are the fortunate lot who should be grateful for all that we receive. It is not enough that we are comfortable and complacent about our own living we need to do something for the less fortunate. What can we do?

Like Declan in the play, we could assist one child towards his/her education and sponsor a child in whatever way we can.

Thank you IX standard students for your thought provoking presentation…let our thoughts lead us and spur us on to action.

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