On Wednesday, 4th January 2012, Fr. Brian Moras the vocation promoter of the Mumbai province accompanied our two young and dynamic new priests, Fr. Rolvin D’Mello & Fr. Osborn Furtado to St. Dominic Savio’s to celebrate New Priests Day.
The Catholic students from the V to the X standards attended their mass in the school chapel. Fr. Rolvin was the main celebrant while Fr. Osborn preached the homily touching on different calls in scripture, starting with some from the Old Testament and coming to the reading of the day, the call of Simon Peter and his brother Andrew.
Fr. Rolvin in his introduction spoke of a kite and the string that is attached to the kite and spoke of how the kite thought that its freedom was being curtailed and wanted to free itself from the string and sore higher.

It so happened that, one day, it broke off from the string and it seemed delighted with this new burst of freedom as it soared and climbed higher, only to realize that the harsh winds tossed it about and it soon shred into pieces bringing it down with a mighty fall.
He concluded that sometimes we do not realize that the Teachers, Elders and parents are the strings that guide and help youngsters soar higher and when youngsters try to break free without first learning the ropes, they come crashing down and disaster strikes.
Fr. Rector thanked Fr. Brian for putting Dominic Savio on the itinerary of the New Priests so that all our youngsters could have an opportunity to listening to these young men who embraced the call to follow Jesus more closely the Don Bosco Way. 

After the mass the VIII to the X standard students went to the AV hall to chat with Fr. Rolvin while the younger students remained in the church to listen to the vocation story of Fr. Osborn Furtado.

Thank you Fr. Rolvin and Fr. Osborn and may your ministry in the priesthood be fruitful.

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