On Monday the 18th July 2011, the Primary Section had the Inauguration of the House System. It was very well done by the students and those responsible.  The four houses that they inaugurated were: Blessed Don Rua House; Blessed Phillip Rinaldi House; Blessed Artemide Zatti House and the Mickey Magone House. 

Blessed Rua became the First Successor of Don Bosco and was known as the 'Living Rule'.
Blessed Phillip Rinaldi became the third successor of Don Bosco. Blessed Rua and Rinaldi were youngsters in the school of Don Bosco.

Blessed Artemide Zatti was a Salesian Brother and reached out to people who were sick and ill. He became a nurse and tended to the sick in loving service.

The entire script of the Inauguration can be found in the Notes section of FB

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