Today the 26th January the school had its Republic Day Celebrations for the students at 8.15 am. There were a number of items on the program and it was short and sweet. The compere welcomed the chief guests, Fr. Rector, the Principal and the Administrator together with Mrs. Vidya the Supervisor of the Secondary. Fr. Rector was then asked to unfurl the National flag while the boarding band played the National anthem. The students put up some cultural items that were very meaningful and enjoyable.

Fr. Rector sharing his thoughts on Republic Day
Fr. Rector in his speech asked the students to remember with gratitude all those leaders who struggled and died that we might be free and a sovereign republic today. He said we need to live by the teachings of the Mahatma and stand for Truth and Ahimsa.  He mentioned that though we are rich in diversity, 80% of the wealth of the nation is with just 2% of the people while all the rest are below the poverty line. He told the students that the future of the country depended on the children of today to cultivate and grow into leaders of tomorrow.

After his speech certificates were given out to the children who collected the highest amount for the Christmas Panorama. Certificates were also given to deserving students of all the classes and also the class teachers whose classes collected the highest amount.

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