The Teams who were in the Semi-Finals

The Second day saw some exciting games with the 16 teams in the pre-quarters beginning from 9.00 am this morning. At 11.30 am were the Quarter Finals with a lunch break from 12.00 noon to 1.30 pm. The following teams came into the Quarter Finals:

Silver Spinner & McKenzi Boys; Our Lady of Health 'B' & Takshila; Wadi Boys & Late Comers'
Greenfield Getafix & Kalina Village Boys

The two teams that came into the Finals were Takshila & The Kalina Village Boys

Takshila in the Finals

Kalina Village Boys in the Finals

The two Finalists lined up before the beginning of the game

Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Chief Guest wishing Takshila all the best

Wishing the KVBs all the best

At the start of the Finals

The Finals began at 3.30 pm and one could see the talent and skill that was displayed on the field. Both the teams were good and exhibited excellent skills and team work but the better team won. The first half saw both teams with no goals. The first goal was put in by KVB in the first minutes of the second half. It soon followed by another goal making the score2-0. This was followed by a third goal and one would expect Takshila to give up. They fought back and put in a goal making the score 3-1. Soon the KVBs put in their fourth goal and this sealed the fate of Takshila. The match ended 4-1 with the Kalina Village Boys winning the Finals.

Sheldon Sharma won the Best Player Award
The Captain of the Takshila Team, Regis receiving the Runner's Up Trophy

The Finalist: The Kalina Village Boys with their Trophy

All good things come to an end and so was it with the Rink Football Tournament. The Past Pupils did a fantastic job of organizing this mega event and getting 64 teams to participate. Congratulations to Fr. Edwin Colaco and all the Past Pupils who spent many evenings seeing to the organizing of this event to every detail.

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