PTA First Annual Meeting of Jr. & Sr. K.G.

Fr. Crispino welcoming the parents for the PTA meeting

On Saturday 03 July, at 10.00 am the Parents & Teachers of the Jr. & Sr. K.G. met in the hall for their first PTA meeting. Fr. Crispino the Principal invited the Rector, Fr. Godfrey D'Souza to lead the members into prayer and he then gave his talk. 
He once again touched on 'Parenting by Example' and informed the parents and teachers that children first learn by seeing and doing and so our example as parents play a very important role in the upbringing of our children. Children do exactly as we do and say exactly what we say and so we have to take extra precaution to make sure we do not lead our children astray by our words and example.
Some of the parents at the meeting
Fr. Godfrey D'Souza, the Rector sharing his thoughts with the parents
on Parenting by Example

Fr. Crispino then introduced the teachers of the two sections and sent them to elect their representatives for the sections.
Fr. Crispino instructing the parents

He also informed them that now since the RTE has been passed that though it would not affect their children but that in time it would. He explained a little about what the RTE was about. He also informed the parents who had their children in the primary and secondary section that the four Don Bosco Schools would have a common syllabus and programme and that the classes for the secondary would get over at 01.50 pm.

The parents then left to go to the various places to have the elections of the PTA representatives.

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