The Salesian Family members (35 Cooperators and 12 Past Pupils) went to Don Bosco Asha Kiran - Karjat, a project for street youngsters, for a picnic. It was the first time that both the Cooperators and the Past Pupils went together and to Asha Kiran. We were a full bus and had a cup of tea with a puff before we left the premises of St. Dominic Savio High School for Karjat.

There was a lot of excitement in the air as we had also three new cooperator members who joined for the picnic. This year the Delegate made a special effort to increase the number of cooperators and get in some younger blood. The senior members were delighted to see these new faces and welcomed them for the picnic.

As soon as we reached Asha Kiran we got ready for mass to make sure the Lord took the most important place in all our lives.

Just before the Holy Eucharist

At the Holy Eucharist

Fr. Godfrey preaching on the three loves

Partaking of the Holy Eucharist

After the Holy Eucharist we all assembled outside the entrace on the steps to take a photograph of all of us for the records. It was nice to see the Salesian Family together and smiling.

There's nothing like a group photograph

Just to make sure no one was cut off

Well it was time to have something and soon after the photograph we were served some breakfast by the Salesians Community. The Salesian community went out of their way to make us feel at home and welcome.
Don't we seem hungry all the time???

Well what can be done???

We had a couple of new members of Cooperators who came for the picnic. Below is Janet and Bastian two younger members just come into the group.

Janet and Bastian new cooperators at the picnic

It was great to have these young lads from the youth wing of the Past Pupils. They did bring in some spirit colour and life into the picnic.

The youth wing of the past pupils

After a good breakfast Swami Xavier sat with the group and gave us an idea of all that was happening at Asha Kiran. He spoke of the intake of the boys and youngsters who were admitted into Asha Kiran and said that those with any qualification or having passed their X standard or those who were able to pay fees were automatically disqualified.

What impressed many of the members were the vegetable gardens and how the vegetables were cultivated and grown. Swami Xavier spoke about eco-friendly methods and enviroment and how we need to preserve and save mother earth. The tour as expressed by many was very information and relaxing.

Swami Xavier giving us a tour of the place

Just after the tour, the Cooperators sat for a meeting for the elections of new Council Members. The following members were elected: Mrs. Benny Lobo as a Council member; Mrs. Audrey D'Costa as Assistant Coordinator; Mr. Joauquim Fernandes as Council Member; Mr. Joseph Serrao as New the Coordinator of the Cooperators; Mrs. Ida Rocha as a Council member & Mrs. Crispina Rebello as the Treasurer of the unit.
The new Council Members

The batch of new Cooperators who came for the picnic and had a terrific time: Mrs. Ellen Gonsalves; Mrs. Dorothy Dias; Mrs. Pamela Dias; Miss Janet D'Souza; Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Delegate of the Cooperators; Mr. Merwyn D'Souza; Mrs. Joyce Coelho; Miss Bastian Gonsalves & Mrs. Andrea Gonsalves.
The New Cooperators

Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Delegate with the New Council Members of the Cooperators of the Andheri Unit.
A photograph with the Delegate
The New Council Members

The Out-Going Team did a fantastic job

The Out-Going members were thanked in a special way and Mr. Joseph Serrao asked for their help and expertice when required until they get the hang of running the meetings. The Old Council members did do a fantastic job these last six years and deserve credit and appreciation for keeping alive and active this unit of the Salesian Cooperators.

The lunch was excellent and the home made pickles were a hit and many of the members already made some bookings for pickles in the season. An order has been taken by Fr. Damien and he said that the same would be sent to the Delegate once ready.

After lunch there were a couple of games that kept us on our toes guessing surnames, names of soaps to complete a love story and of course Housie to keep us in the mood.

With the games and fun time it was time for tea and to make our good byes. Treffines said a few words on behalf of the group and on behalf of the cooperators and Mr. Anthony Pereira gave a token to Fr. Xavier for all that the community were to us for the day and for the lovely hospitality extended to each and ever one of us.

Mr. Remith Fernandes on behalf of the Past Pupils also gave a contribution to the community. At the end of the day it was hard to say our good byes and it took quite a while before all of us went into the bus and proceeded back.

It certainly is a day most of us Salesian Family Members of the Andheri Unit will not easily forget.
Thank you Fr. Xavier Devadas, Fr. Damien Sladen and the boys at Asha Kiran.
You spoilt us rotten ! God bless you all.

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