Fr. Crispino cutting the Birthday Cake

On the 5th April 2010 the school celebrated the Birtday of its Principal, Fr. Crispino D'Souza. The Celebations began with the Pre-Primary inviting Fr. Crispino to a lovely Celebration of song and dance by the tiny tots of the Jr. & Sr. K.G.

The Birthday wishes in the Pre-Primary

Mrs. Helen Fernandes the Supervisor of the Pre-Primary introducing Fr. Crispino

Prayer of Blessing

A Birthday song by the kids
Mr. Baker bake me a cake

Fr. Crispino cutting the Birthday Cake

A Hawaiian dance by our tiny tots

Saying it with flowers

The Pre-Primary staff

After the break at 10.45 am the representatives of the Primary Section came to the office of the Principal to give him flowers and cards that they had prepared for the occasion.
Sections of the Primary school

Students of the Primary

Students of the Primary
Students of the Primary
Staff and Students of the Primary

The reception for the Birthday of Fr. Crispino by the Secondary Section began at 11.30 am in the school hall with the scouts leading Fr. Crispino and Fr. Godfrey
Fr. Crispino with Fr. Godfrey D'Souza

The Comperes at the celebration
Fr. Godfrey saying a few words of appreciation on the Birthday of Fr. Crispino

The Dignitaries at the back of the hall
Saying it with flowers by the Secondary
An Indian touch by the students

Fusion music

Fr. Crispino cutting the Birthday Cake

and tasting the cake too

Fr. Crispino thanking the school, the students and the staff  for the celebrations

The School Staff in the Principal's Office with the cutting of the cake.

With the Primary Staff
With the NIOS Staff
The NIOS staff

Sir Alex's art work for Fr. Crispino a portrait

Ronnie reading the address on behalf of the boarders
Fr. Richard D'Souza was also there for the celebrations

Finally with the community
Tasting the cake with the community

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