Cigad Hotel & Resort

The St. Dominic Savio School Staff went for a staff picnic to Cigad Hotel & Resort at Uttan situated just behind the Vellankani Shrine at Uttan. The mini buses left the school campus at around 08.15 am and reached the picnic spot at around 10.30 am.

The spot was excellent and all loved the place with its amenities and beauty as it also had its own swimming pool to relax and cool off.

In the dinning hall on arrival

In the dinning hall

It did not take long to get started and especially the gents got going and were in the pool before one could say go !

The menin the pool !

As soon as the DJ was set and the music rolled, the ladies started to swing to the beat of what one would call oldies goldies and they kept swaying to the music.

The ladies doing the shake !

After a long shake rattle and roll one needed a break and so there was fruit punch available for all the thirsty men and women. It was delicious and cudos to those who prepared the same.

A break to refresh and cool off

It did not take long before we started off with a bang after the break and now the dancers did the break dance without a break till 02.45 pm. It was wonderful to see each and every one having a great time.

Fr. Crispino had a couple of games in the pool and both gents and ladies participated in the same. The first was water-polo; then water tug-of-war; and water-basket-ball. It was fun and the ladies were excellent sports.

Are the ladies not enjoying the same?

The lunch was excellent with a number of dishes spread out from papad to lime pickle and fish, chicken, chappatis, hand roti, chicken curry, rice, dhal and cauliflower.

Post lunch we had a game of Housie conducted by Fr. Crispino D'Souza.
The Housie game in progress

Taking it too seriously !

Fr. Bosco the cowboy with his hat !

After a bit of tea we all posed for a group photograph and had our best smiles on
A group Photograph

One last one before saying our goodbyes !

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