Savio Christmas Fete

St. Dominic Savio's High School was bustling with Christmas fever on the 19th & 20th December 2009 as it had it's Christmas Fete for the students. There was a feverish pitch of activity and work as all set to get the stage organized for the great days.

The 19th began with the students assemblying in their class and then coming down to take part in the Christmas programme that began at around 1630. The Dominic Savio Boys Home played a couple of Christmas tunes to get the group in the mood for Christmas.

There was a huge crowd that had come for the celebrations and there were 61 stalls having fun games, food stall and entertainment. A number of people who came said that it was well organized and that they enjoyed themselves.

There was a disco that seemed to be an attraction to all the youngsters and ladies. The first day programme went on till 2130 and slowly it closed for the day.

The theme for the day was 'In Giving we Receive' and on the second day the primary children put up a Christmas play with great enthusiasm and gusto. It was very beautifully chreographed by the teachers and those who trained the youngsters.

The 20th began with a Christmas play by the primary section. The kidos did very well and one would perhaps think that the angels truly came from above. While the tiny tots enacted the Christmas scene others sang carols to bring in the message of Peace, Love and Joy during this festive season.

During the programme, our school athletes were called up to the stage and were congratulated for winning the Tata Shield. This shield was won after 20 years. Mr. Dayanand and Mr. Balakrishna were commended for their dedication and hard work to get the athletes to compete and compete well. Our athletes have been winning a number of the races and events that they have participated in the last year bagging the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

The school athletes with the Tata Shield

The event that all looked forward to was the Savio Queen and King contest. There were a number of participants for the Savio Queen but a much greater number for the Savio King.

The finalists of the Savio Queen

The finalist of the Savio King

Of course this Christmas Programme would never end without the presence of Santa who gave away some of the prizes to the winners and wished one and all a Merry christmas and a Happy New Year.

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