The two finalists: The Red Army and The Annonymous
in the line up before the game

The Past Pupils 5-a-side Football tournament had an exciting day today with the Annonymous and Red Army reaching the finals and Y2K and Lala FC contesting for the third and fourth place. The finalists played a wonderful game with both sides having a terrific control of the ball with their short and accurate passing. However it was the Annonymous who got the first goal on account of a silly error of the Red Army players. Not put out with a 1-0 score, the Red Army battled their way through and got their equalizer just a minute before the refree blew his final whistle. The game, a draw at the final whistle, went into penalties and it was The Annonymous who scored the victory in the penalty shoot-out.

Some action between the Red Army & The Annonymous

The runners up for 3 & 4 place: Y2K & Lala FC

The Annonymous at the Prize ceremony

The Red Army at the Prize ceremony

Fr. Godfrey in his speech commended the teams for the wonderful skills displayed in football during the last two days and for the talent seen on the field. He thanked the past pupils for organizing this tournament and for bringing all the youngsters together. He said that as it was the festival of Lights, we are all called to spread the light and brighten the world of others by giving them opportunities for growth. Fr. Blaise in a special way thanked the juniour unit of the past pupils for doing a fantastic job of organizing the tournament to its minutest detail. Fr. Blaise was indeed instrumental and a great inspiration to the youngsters in organizing this 5-a-side tournament.

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