The 5th September was a very meaningful day as both the Dominic Savio Boys Home Boarders as well as the Evening Study Classes students from the slums and bastis got together with their tuition teachers and had a Teachers' Day Celebration in the evening. A number of items were put up by the boarders as well as the Evening Study Classes students. The compere of the programme enumerated the reasons for the celebration and why one needed to thank the Teachers for their dedication and service.

Fr. Godfrey D'Souza the Rector of the Institution in his brief speech thanked the Teachers and those who gave their services for their generosity and dedication to these deserving children. Fr. Cyril in fluent Marathi also expressed his thanks to the Teachers.

The Boarders brass band welcomed the gathering and then there were a number of items that were staged by the boarders and the ESC students. Some of the skits depicted class room scenes and how a teacher could influence the life of a child in a positive or negative way.

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